If you make anything digital, you need to call us today.  Anything that can be digitalized from a video game, movie, PPV or application is being pirated on Usenet, Google, Bing and other mediums.  We are the solution you need.  We can do a free phone consultation today to discuss your product.  Don’t let piracy affect your bottom line.  There is a solution to your problem.

Our mission
Our mission is clear– To use our expertise that we have learned over the past thirteen years indexing Usenet to help those that really need assistance in protecting their products. Usenet is a piracy haven, and there is a treasure trove of your copyrighted works. Let us monitor it and be on the lookout for your copyrighted work before it propagates around the world.

The bottom line is that your Intellectual Property is a precious commodity. Don’t let piracy steal it away from you, the legitimate owners. Contact us today!